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Spin sucks.

This isn’t a song post, but it is music-related. It is, in fact, a bit of a rant. I am wondering how in the world a crappy magazine like Spin stays in print, when the genius that is Paste was not able to do so. I find this mystifying.

I read the latest issue of Spin this evening, because someone left it here and I couldn’t just recycle it without at least glancing through it. Man oh man. It was filled with junk. The “11 Artists You Must Get Ready For in 2011” was an underwhelming list for sure. The artists featured and the records reviewed didn’t feel diverse in any way, concentrating instead on hipstery bands who will undoubtedly be not even a flash in the pan, but more like a spark in the pan.

For me listening to music is about hearing something interesting. It doesn’t have to be ground-breaking, but it should be interesting. For me that means more than merely a casio keyboard and a kazoo. The bands and artists I plan to discuss here will only be the ones that interest me. Paying lip service to the latest It Band just because is not what I’ll be doing, but that, sadly, is precisely what Spin appears to be focused on.